Surfchool baie des trépassés

Group surfing lessons at the Trépassés bay on the Breton beaches are designed to introduce you to surfing or to consolidate your technical knowledge acquired in previous years. Teaching Objectives : Mastering the technical bases of surfing (wave taking, takeoff, balance, velocity, stability…). Knowledge of safety and priority rules. Analysis of the environment (sandbank, bay, currents, dangers, … ). Group surfing lessons are organized in homogeneous groups according to level and age.

The rhythm of the sessions is adapted according to the progress of each one. Groups composed of eight students as much as possible.

Schedules vary according to the tide and the configuration of the sandbanks. Surfing teaching will depend mainly on the tide schedule. In order to guarantee optimal practice conditions, beginners and children will always be accommodated at the low tide schedule. Conversely, experienced surfers will be registered on the slots from mid tide to high tide.

Whatever your level of surfing, you will take great pleasure in transforming yourself in the water.

Located on the best spots in Finistère, the playground given by nature is of a quality that cannot be compared. The long and frequent waves of the Breton coastline are highly coveted by all surfers. Each beach has its own physiognomy, each wave works differently, so you will have to develop your sea sense to grasp the different Breton fine sandy beaches. The surf school 4.6.1 will pass on its knowledge to you to transform yourself in a safe way and to improve fast enough in the best conditions to be autonomous.

Surfing lessons are added to the year on the different seas of South Finistère according to the weather conditions. Practicing in different conditions allows you to get to know the components and to be independent as quickly as possible.

Practicing at the Trépassés bay, we put on warm wetsuits to avoid getting cold in the water. As for the boards, our range is wide and suitable for different sizes, levels and weather conditions.