Surfschool Audierne

Surfschool Audierne

As a first-rate French tourist destination, Brittany attracts millions of tourists every year. In addition to the magnificent landscapes and sites, the sea is a much appreciated element in the region. But there is also the sea. Who says sea thinks surfing, right? In Brittany, there are dozens of surfing spots or sites. Surfers come here to practise their art and practice their passion. Beginners or confirmed, the reputed or confidential beaches attract more and more enthusiasts of this extreme sport who are looking for strong sensations. Audierne is one of the towns in Brittany that offers this opportunity in Finistère. The town of Audierne is resolutely committed to the development of surfing in Brittany.

Discovering Audierne: City of the sea and surfing

The history of the city began twenty centuries ago and is intrinsically linked to maritime activities. Audierne is like what you might call a small Breton port. Situated a short distance from Douarnenez and Quimper, Audierne offers you several facets of its beauty. From the top of its wooded hills, you can appreciate all the sinuosity of the city. A little further along the quays, Audierne reveals to you the magnificent identity of a very active port town.

The port of Audierne has specialized for more than twenty years in coastal fishing with the use of various techniques. The freshness of the products landed as well as the excellent work of the sailors has allowed the port of Audierne to have a great notoriety. The town of Audierne really has a lot to discover and share. Whether it is through the lively lanes meandering along the hillsides or in the town centre. The churches on the heights, the restaurants and the shops make Audierne an authentic town with a lot of charm.

The town of Audierne is also home to the magnificent beach of Trescadec which gives you access to the bay of Audierne. It is a natural space and an exceptional environment with fine sand and crystal clear waters. If you are looking for the salty taste of the Atlantic or the sparkling air, then you will feel at home in Audierne. In winter when the sea is raging, the swell breaks on the beach and offers beautiful waves.

Audierne gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sea at will. The bay of Audierne attracts tourists and sportsmen from all over the world, especially surfers. The coasts of this locality are bordered in the north by a multitude of creeks and in the south by long sandy beaches. At the intersection of these two poles is the bay of Trépassés which particularly seduces surfers with its beach and beauty.

The Bay of Audierne and the Bay of Trépassés: the surfing must-see spots

In the south of the Audierne bay, you will find the best surfing spots or sites in the world. Among them, the spot of La Torche is the most famous of all. The Windsurfing World Cup that took place on this site in 1986 made it a legend in the world of wave enthusiasts. Even today, the site remains a must as it hosts stand-up paddle championships. Going up towards the north of the bay of Audierne, you will discover the spot of Tronoën called “Trono”. It is just as well known and makes surfers as well as windsurfers dream. However, you will have to pay attention to the side current of this spot which can be quite strong.

A little further on, the famous beach of the Baie des Trépassés does not leave one indifferent either. This beach is framed by the Pointe du Raz and the Pointe du Van. Apart from these magnificent sunsets, the Baie des Trépassés is the ideal place for surf enthusiasts and photographers of this water sport.

Of Polynesian origin, surfing is a sport that consists of letting yourself be carried on a board while standing on waves breaking from the sea or the ocean. Both marvellous and risky, this sport attracts many fans who come to find their happiness on the very well known and appreciated Trépassés Bay in Audierne.

The magnificent beach of the Baie des Trépassés, with its very clear waters, allows you to surf at all tides in a secure environment. Indeed, the bay is framed by the high cliffs of the Pointe du Raz and the Pointe du Van. It is also supervised in summer. The surfing area of the bay extends over 600 m which makes it a real paradise for surfers.

Amateurs and professionals alike, lovers of this sport spend pleasant moments in the idyllic setting of the bay. Natural and preserved from the general public, the Trépassés Bay is a little corner of paradise for surfers. Tourists who discover it can’t help but come back to experience intense moments but also moments of relaxation. The place is surrounded by cliffs and the bay is exposed to the west and north-west swells.

The site enjoys a robust and robust ecosystem.

Professionals for unforgettable surfing experiences in Audierne

In Audierne on the different surf spots, the surf school 4.6.1 will teach you the basics of this sport to avoid any risk of accidents. Whatever your age, the surf school organizes simple sessions or courses according to your preference. In Audierne, a place of choice and investment at all levels has been devoted to this sport. This is an indication of how seriously this water sport is taken in this town.

You will have understood it, if you are passionate about surfing, you don’t have to look far. Not only is it great to live in Audierne, but you can also feel the passion for water sports, including surfing. All the human and financial means as well as important devices have been set up for the promotion of this sport. Audierne is a privileged destination to learn surfing and spend unforgettable moments in Brittany.

For your seaside holidays, Audierne is the perfect destination in Brittany. In this town, you will be able to discover a rich touristic heritage and practice sports activities. The organisation of water sports competitions allows you to meet new people who are passionate about water sports. It will also be an opportunity to make you stand out as a new talent. Therefore, your holidays in this city may open the door to a sporting career.

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