The surf school of the Audierne bay

4.6.1 Surf

With more than 20 years of experience on the different spots of Cap Sizun, your instructor knows the different spots by heart! Travels to the 4 corners of the world (Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Mexico) have allowed him to face different waves. After a professional career in marketing, the desire to transmit his passion was at the origin of the school 4.6.1 Surf. Having learned to surf on the spots of Cap Sizun, Vincent now wants to teach on the different spots of Audierne Bay that he knows so well. School name 4.6.1 is a pun with Cap (4) Sizun (6 1) region where the school is located.

The courses take place from Easter to All Saints’ Day holidays. In order to benefit from the best possible conditions and to optimize the quality of surfing, courses can be given throughout Audierne Bay (Kerrest Beach, Penhors, Mesperleuc, Gwendrez, Baie des Trépassés…).

From early July to late August, classes take place on Kerrest beach in Plozévet or Mesperleuc beach in Plouhinec.

The courses last 2 hours, in groups of a maximum of 8 people per instructor. They are taught in French, English and Spanish.

Possibility of private lessons in low season.

The teaching is provided by experienced and qualified instructors, trained in first aid.


We provide you with a wide choice of boards according to the waves, your size and your level.

We have foam boards with top-of-the-range Softech flexible daggerboards for the first sensations of gliding. Very safe and easy to transport thanks to their handles, this type of board is pleasant to learn how to control the element in complete safety.

Even in the middle of summer, the water is quite cool in the tip of Brittany. In order to allow you to surf for 2 hours without being cold, you will be equipped with O’neill full-length suits with a thickness of 5/4mm. These are special surf school suits, they are easy to put on and allow you a great freedom of movement.

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29780 Plouhinec
2 rue Saint Jérôme